Soul Mission 

Mother of Mothers Foundation 

I had a dream of prosperity. Where Children were able to claim back their birthright to be loved. Where Mothers were able to heal their heritage and become the best mother within their power. 

Within a safe space where both mother and child mattered.

Mothers where able to receive the help they needed. Share the wisdom of food and nutrition. Music, art and dance as tools to truly feel alive and regain energy while shedding the layers of stress, sadness and anger. 

A place where children can be children, careless, full of wonder and playfulness. Respected in their innocence. Protected and nurtured. 

Is this possible you may ask. It is. 

The Mother of Mothers Foundation creates gatherings, where workshops will be provided to share the ancient wisdom of mental health and plant medicine. A place where both mother and child are welcome. 

A place where children will be provided with workshops based on the principles of Maria Montessori and Rudolph Steiner. Art, music, story telling and personal development. 

Both Mother and Child(ren) will be able to grow by Sacred Teachings. Ancient wisdom of nummerology, astrology, teachings about Ascended Masters like Siddhartha, Yesua known as Jesus, Mother Theresa and the Law of Attraction. 

Would you like to tribute to this cause by offering a service or donation? You are more than welcome to contact us. 


Much love, 


The Mother of Mothers Foundation 




Mother and Children's Homes

Mother's are important. They bring life on earth. Certain circumstances can make it seem impossible for women to be mothers. To take care of their children.

In my life I have discovered that many psychological disorders have been triggered by unstable relationships between mother and child. Many adopted children have ptsd for they felt abducted, stolen and sold. An innerwound of rejection as its result. 

Personality disorders in most cases are coping mechanisms. Coping with the feelings of loss, rejection and feeling unworthy of life. But, we need to heal this world, to bring Heaven on Earth. Reflecting the Love and Light that is so desperately needed in order to change the course of our life and to feel fulfilled. 

And I feel the need to stand up and speak it into reality: "Women should have more options than abortion and adoption when life gets overwhelming. Women need to have a refugee where they can heal and learn to stand on her own feet. Children need to be able to be protected by their own mother. And when they become orphans, they need to be able to heal and have access to a loving mother, without feeling stolen and sold."

It's my mission to built " Homes" for both mother and child. Homes were they can heal, rise, return back home and teach other women to become a sisterhood. This way we can start a revolution of healing. This way we can pass healing trough our DNA to our lineage.

The time is now. 

Tamara - Mother of Mothers Foundation 

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