Each and everyone of us is a trinity. We contain a Mind Body and a Soul, spiritual beings with an human experience. 


In order to transcend we will have to overcome obstacles in life. It can be verry hard and stressful. Especially when we think or feel that we have to do it all alone. 


My name is Tamara, Mother of 3 earth Angels and 1 heavenly Angel. In my human experience I went trough a whole lot of hardship and traumatic events. 

As a baby I had to endure neclect and was feeded just enough to survive. My body was traumatized by abuse and I reacted with severe rash due to early childhood stress. 

By the age of 1 I could speak and dress myself. I was potty trained, knowing I had to be able to depend on myself in order to survive. And I did.

Since early childhood I was confronted with both Demons and Angels. The duality between both energetic creations. And the amount of fear both entities could cast when confronted with mankind. I overcame a verry great deal of that fear. By allowing to listen to my own Shadows that were created by my own fear to be loved, my own fear to be rejected. See, it's the same duality as the one present behind the veil.

Accepting what is, both life and death, both love and rejection, has an overwhelming power of unity. Behind the lie that we have to do it alone, the lie that we are different and worthless, the lie that we are unloved and unwanted and the biggest lie of all: That we are mortal. We aren't: We are immortal. Our Spirit is immortal. And we are here to open the portals of the Heavenly Realms to claim back our power. The power of Love and Unity.