Silent retreat

"Let the wind wispher to you and feel save enough to hear its voice"


Surrounded by nature, I am facillitating a 1-2 silent retreat. This is for an individual who longs for sollitude. Outside of all the noises in their life. Away from stress, obligations and back to basics, with a whole lot of spirituality.


The cottage is located in a 225m2 garden surrounded by water and tall trees in the enviroment. You can litterly hear the leaves dancing in the wind and birds singing in the trees. There is flowing water, a sink, a toilet inside the cottage, nature shower outside the cottage. You can either sleep outside in the garden with a tent or inside the cottage on a airbed. There is a small fireplace and cooking station both on gas. 

Its just a 10 min walk or 5 min bicycle ride to the local store to buy supplies for your meals.


To take this journey inwards, there are multiple spiritual books to read. You can also journal in you notebook. Try out the spiritual instruments to get in touch with yourself on cellular level. And build your own grid or altar.


The space is reiki enfused and has no Towifi intervention. To keep the frequency high: no alcohol, drugs, or seks allowed. Take this time to truly be One with YourSelf, let go of any distractions.



Location: Rotterdam

Silent Retreat


Silent Retreat


Fridays from 11.00 till Saturday at 16.00

Back to basics incl: Running water, sink, toilet, outside nature shower, books to read, instruments to (try), crystals and oracle cards to use with care and respect.

Airbed, optional a tent, bedding. Several spots in the garden, to read, plant a seed, do yoga, meditate and optional to eat outside. There is a bycicle available to use during your stay. Take a long walk in the nearby park or fields.

Take care of You first, you deserve it. Asé